Chad Stevens studied photography in high school. He discovered the magic of developing black and white photographs in a small red lighted darkroom and he was hooked


His instructor took note of his artistic talent, communication and technical skills and made him his classroom aide.


One of Chad's high school projects involved photographing poor migrant farm-worker's children. His pictures earned first place in a city wide photography contest.


When he was 18, an elementary school principal hired him to generate photography classes for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Chad converted the school library supply room into a darkroom where he taught students how to make photograms.


In the Spring of 1975, Chad opened his first studio.


A world renown children's photographer noticed his work and invited him to be an apprentice. While working for this photographer, a classic retouching artist took a shining to him and taught him the finer elements of classic retouching from the 1940's so he could add the finishing touches to his portraits.


Meanwhile he attended college and earned degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology.


From 1992 through 1995, he lived on San Juan Island and operated a portrait studio in Friday Harbor where he also taught as an instructor at Skagit Valley Jr. College.


Today he has joined his photography studio with his wife's Music Academy at the Northwest Music Center where he creates Wall Portraits and Scenic Fine Art for the home and business.


Chad teaches private classes for adults and children in the fundamentals of photography. 


He is sought after to judge photo contestants at the Kootenai County Fair and other photographic competitions.