Cat's Eyes

March 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This handsome couple were my next door neighbors in Wallace, Idaho. Jerome also owned the business right next door to my photography studio. They asked me if I would be willing to photograph them with their precious pets and make a large wall portrait for their living room. I was delighted that they asked, and we scheduled them for later that week.

It took a little while to set up the shot, because their cat was frightened each time I depressed the camera's shutter and the high intensity flash went off. In a little while, he settled down and we got this beautiful family portrait!

As I retouched the image, I ran into a technical difficulty. My little boy was working with me at the studio and he saw the problem at once. The fur on the youngest dog and the cat were jet black. Their eyes were also very dark as well. In fact, their eyes were so dark that you could not even see them. They all looked like two black blobs on their master's laps.

My son noted that the older brown dog had clear and distinct eyes. He commented that it was too bad that all of their eyes were not as clear as his. Well, that got the old wheels turning under my thinking cap. I told my son what I was going to do, and he busted up laughing. Even today, after seven years, whenever he sees this portrait, he giggles, because both he and I know the secret behind what I did to make this lovely family portrait work out. Most people look at this portrait and have no idea what we did, but today, we will reveal our secret that probably only a pet vet would have previously noticed.

I copied the eyes of the brown dog and cloned them over the eyes of the puppy and the cat. You would never be suspicious about the young puppy, but a cat's pupils are not round like the ones in this portrait. Did you see it?


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