Alberta, Canada

While traveling from Banff, we drove our RV through some extremely tumultuous weather.

We experienced lightning,
torrents of rain and hail.

Suddenly I saw a thick band of dark black clouds hovering over the glaciers
in front of us.

“I’m stopping for this one, guys!”
I shouted to my family!
“This is what I have been waiting
for on our trip.”

I’ve always wanted a dramatic
Image of this magnitude,
and I have always wanted to
create a large print of what I was
seeing for others to enjoy.

I got out of the RV and set up my tripod.

I watched and waited as the brisk changes in cloud formations occurred with the ever changing gusts of wind.

Suddenly I saw the feathering of the clouds with a gleam of light
illuminating the glacier.

I exposed only a few images.
The drama of the moment changed
with each passing second.

Without an extraordinary scene,
it does not matter if you have the most expensive camera or the best photographic skills.

You have to be there at just the right moment to capture the glory of God’s marvelous creation.

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