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Images made in photographic sessions may be used by Chad Stevens of

Northwest Photographic Arts for display, contests or marketing purposes.

This may include social media, marketing literature, galleries on this

website, brick and mortar galleries, or publications in books or magazines.


Publication of these images is for the purpose of promoting my

photography so clients can see the style of work I create. If you would

prefer your images not be displayed in any of these manners please

let me know in advance of your portrait session in writing.


Chad Stevens of Northwest Photographic Arts and his heirs retain the

copyright of all images made; therefore, we ask that you do not copy,

screen grab, scan or reproduce photographs without their written consent.


Images that are purchased as digital files are not to be altered or digitally

manipulated in any way that change the integrity of the image without prior

written consent.


The use of video recording, a personal camera or smart phone is not

permitted during your photographic session(s).


By booking a photographic session at Northwest Photographic Arts you are

agreeing to all the above terms and conditions.  Thank you for your respect!