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Barefoot in the Bark

Santa Cruz, California

Brian was from the Santa Cruz mountains of California. He was a student in the college lab school where I earned a degree in

Early Childhood Education.

After following my barefooted
four-year-old friend for about an hour, he stopped to rest on his father’s
freshly stacked wood-pile where he got
a splinter in his tiny little foot.

It was a bright and sunny day, which is perfect lighting for picking out splinters,
but not for making portraits.

Suddenly a cloud blocked the intense rays of the sun and provided me with perfectly diffused portrait lighting.

I thanked the Good Lord for providing the cloud cover and I snapped several wonderful images.

This portrait was chosen as the cover photograph for the San Francisco Bay Area magazine: Infant to Teens. It later won first place at the San Juan Island county fair.
Barefoot in the Bark